3 Day South Coast and Blue Lagoon

South Coast and Blue Lagoon – A Three Day Private Tour exploring the South Coast and relaxing in the Blue Lagoon

Day 1 – Golden Circle

The first day of your tour is around the Golden Circle.  The three most important attractions on the route are Thingvellir National Park old parliament site and the two tectonic plates fault line.  This is where the vikings founded Alþingi or Parliament and your guide will explain all about how they met each summer to say the law and pass judgements.  The famous Geysir geothermal hot spring area where you will see Strokkur hot spring shoot boiling water high in the air every 5 – 8 minutes and the of course the massive two level waterfall of Gullfoss.


Day 2 – South Coast Wonders

The South Coast has many of the most beautiful places in Iceland starting with the Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you can walk the path behind the veil of water plunging from the cliff above.  Stunning Skogafoss Waterfall with it´s beautiful shape and surroundings, The black sand beach Reynisfjara with the multitude of octagonal basalt pillars shaping the coast and the caves, Vik Small Town with the three iconic pillars of rock out at sea.  


Day 3 – Reykjanes Peninsula

Reykjanes Peninsula is a sizzling geo park with bubbling geothermal fields where boiling mud pits are a common sight in many beautiful colours emitting fumes into the air.  The Kleyfarvatn volcanic lake and the Greenlake/Grænavatn close by are the first stops and then you continue to the Birdge between the two continents where you have crunching black lava fields and very visible the rift between the two tectonic plates that are constantly drifting apart from each other.  This is only one of the hundreds of open rifts and faults that are aligned following the massive Mid Atlantic Rift that goes diagonally through the country starting at the very tip of the Reykjanes tip and goes all the way across the country to the North East. The Reykjanes Light house and soaring sea cliffs bustling with various types of sea birds early summer are also a fantastic stop.  Gunnuhver the largest mud spring in the country is also something not to be missed out on. 20 meters across it´s vigorously boiling clay is quite impressive in it´s volcanic surroundings.



  • Available all year long

Possible Activites

  • Snow Mobiling
  • Horse Riding Tour
  • ATV
  • Glacier Hike
  • Ice Caving
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Diving/Snorkelling
  • Nature Baths

Suggested Accommodations

Tour Day 1

  • Grímsborgir Luxury Apartments
  • Black Pearl Suites
  • 360 Hotel

Tour Day 2

  • Skálakot
  • Black Pearl Suites
  • Canopy Hilton

Tour Day 2

  • Retreat Hotel
  • Black Pearl Suites
  • Canopy Hilton


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