Westfjords – Lose Yourself in Iceland’s Wild West

The spirit of independence is alive and well in Iceland, and nowhere is this truer than in the wild Westfjords. As the Westfjords have long been geographically cut off from the rest of the island by colossal mountains and deep, sheer fjords, the region has developed a distinct character all its own.

The Frontier Life

Known for their dark sense of humor, close-knit communities connected by tunnels, love of the sea and knack for magic and superstition, the people of the Westfjords are as alluring as the dramatic landscapes they call home. Life on the narrow strip of land between the towering mountains and the cold sea can be a challenge, but the pluck and steadfast dedication shown by the locals for their home is profound.

Away from It All

Marked by imposing sea cliffs, waterfalls and a seemingly endless shoreline of steep fjords, the eye is met with tremendous landscapes at every turn. And since it is well off the beaten path and relatively few people live in the area, you’re chances of having to contend with crowds of tourists are low. This is a place to escape civilization and relish in your independence against the vastness of Icelandic wilderness.

The Secrets of the Fjords

The naïve cement sculptures made by an early 20th century farmer depicting both daily farm life and a wild imagination. The nearly deafening birdsong from the immense cliffs at Iceland’s westernmost point. The ghosty remnants of life from the abandoned settlements on Hornstrandir. These are a few of the uncanny treasures hidden among the fjords that give visitors some insight into the depth of the Westfjord soul.

A Landscape Worth a 1000 Words

While the sweeping landscapes of the Westfjords may appear empty at first glance, they are actually filled with local lore and history. The fate of a band of stranded Spanish sailors who washed ashore. The indentations left in the mountainside where a heartsick giantess sat to rest. The hidden valley where a band of lost children live on wild blueberries and spring water.

At ITL we believe that no trip to the Westfjords is complete without the stories that make it come to life. Contact us to find out more about a visit to this this wildly beautiful and storied region of the country.


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