Jökulsárlón – A Living Landscape Like None Other

When looking at pictures of Iceland’s varied landscapes to decide their travel plans, visitors inevitably come across an otherworldly image of Jökulsárlón and decide immediately that they must make the pilgrimage. The pitch black sand against the lagoon’s surface mirroring the sky, punctuated by massive chunks of ice cleaved from Vatnajökull glacier floating in silent grandeur in their final melt out to sea… it’s nature at its most dazzling.

Never the Same Vista Twice

What’s so remarkable about the lagoon is that it’s constantly changing. Not only do the ancient islets of ice melt and float, but as their mass above and below the water shifts, they flip over in what is surely one of the frozen North’s most dramatic phenomenons, revealing the eerie blue hue of ancient ice. With an ever-changing cast of characters, the stage at the lagoon always presents a new and unique spectacle for its visitors.

Meet the Neighbors

While the icebergs of Jökulsárlón typically steal the show, there are also often colonies of seals that gather at the lagoon. In fact, the area is a prime location to encounter Iceland’s fearless seals, who are known to swim right up to visitors at the shores of the lagoon. Whether it’s the dramatic ice or the wildlife or the sum experience that draws you in, Jökulsárlón is stop that no visitor to Iceland will want to miss.

Get Up Close and Personal

We like to get our visitors as close as possible to the lagoon’s magnificent display of power and beauty. Both amphibious vehicles and Zodiac boats are used bring us to the front row. While the Zodiacs are more maneuverable, the amphibious vehicles afford visitors a view from a much higher perspective. Depending on the lay of the lagoon, both watercraft offer a memorable experience with these living ice sculptures.


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