Geysir – Where the Earth Comes Alive

We sometimes forget what happens below the surface. But it’s hard to ignore how alive Iceland is underground when it’s literally bursting forth with steam, gushing water and gasps from onlookers. Nowhere in the country are the geothermal marvels of Iceland more dazzling than at the Geysir geothermal area. 

The Namesake of all Geysers

The area is named after the large, infamous grandfather of all geysers, called “Geysir” (GAY-seer). With sprays once said to be up to 170 meters, the wonder of Geysir has been drawing crowds since the 17th century. And despite a variety last-ditch efforts like dumping over 100 kg of hand soap into the spring and digging draw-off trenches, Geysir’s eruptions have since dwindled. 

The Workhorse Strokkur

While all the fame and glory goes to Geysir, the real work of erupting is left to another powerful hot spring nearby, Strokkur, which faithfully erupts every 7 to 10 minutes in a rousing display of geothermal might and fills the valley with oohs and ahhs. 

The Science of Wonder

While the hot springs steal the show, a lot of Iceland’s other geothermal marvels are also on display here: fumaroles, bubbling mud pots and the eerie blue glow of colloidal silica pools. The explanations behind these phenomenons are a fascinating look into the often hidden world of geothermal science.

An Insider Tour

While Geysir is a frequent stop on many visitors’ itineraries, there is more than meets the eye. The area is rich with history, like the Irishman who bought Geysir for 3000 kr. and the story of Ari “The Wise”.

Beyond the immediate Geysir area there are also a number of sites hidden away in the surrounding foothills, like the world arboretum tucked away in Haukdalsskógur forest and a secret thermal pool perfect for soaking.

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