Horse Riding Tours

Horse Riding Tours

The Icelandic horse is nothing short of amazing and unique.  The Icelandic horse has been pure bred in Iceland for over 1000 years.  Unlike any other horse in the world the Icelandic horse has 5 gaits (walks) and over 40 colors.  Though small the Icelandic horse is very strong and is not a pony. Icelanders can thank the Icelandic horse for being one of the main reasons for survival in our isolated and harsh island in the North Atlantic through the centuries.  This is the reason why Icelanders love the Icelandic horse so much.

On a horseback riding tour you can experience a close encounter with these gentle and vise creatures that have been such a big part of the Icelandic nation for such a long time.  To ride an Icelandic horse in a beautiful landscape is an experience you will cherish for a very long time.

Horser Riding Tours Location

There are many horse rentals all around Iceland and they all have Icelandic horses since it is the only horse breed in Iceland.  For our customers we select the best horse rentals but thankfully we have many good ones to choose from.


Clothing and gear

As always, warm clothes and good shoes are essential for Horse Riding Tours.

What to bring

Dress according to weather but bear in mind that the weather can change very quickly.  Therefore warm and rainproof clothing is recommended. Good shoes like hiking shoes.

Provided by operator

Safety gear like helmets are provided. There is also an option to get an overall and gloves from the operator.


Difficulty level is low and horseback riding suits most people and children.  Horseback riding is though not recommended for pregnant women because there is always a chance of falling off the horse, especially if you are not used to horse back riding.


Horseback riding tours duration varies from 1 hour to several days but the most common length is 1-2 hours of riding.  The whole process of a short tour is 2-3 hours and thereof approximately 1 hour riding. Longer tours are more suitable for experienced riders.

Age Limit

Age limits vary between operators but usually the minimum age limit is 7 years for shorter tours but older for longer tours.  Most horseback riding tour operators offer short paddock rides where the horse is led for younger children (10-20 min).


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