ATV Tours

ATV Tours

ATV tours can be done from various locations around Iceland. Usually they are one or two hour tours, single or double rides. A valid driver’s license is required for these tours.


We usually do ATV tours in conjunction with south coast tours. On the south coast you have the possibility to have a one or two hour tour to the black beaches of the south. These tours are also possible directly from Reykjavik and the Reykjanes peninsula as well as mountain tours around Hvolsvollur in the south.


Clothing and gear

As always warm clothes and good shoes are essential for ATV tours. The operators provide coveralls, gloves and helmets.

What to bring

Warm clothes, gloves, good shoes. Warm coveralls and helmet are supplied by operator.

Provided by operator

Warm coveralls, helmet and in some cases gloves and shoes.


ATV tours are not difficult if proper care is taken. ATV ́s are fairly stable but they can tip over if the driver is not careful. However there is a guide with each group controlling speed and looking after the safety of the riders.


ATV tours take from 1 to 3 hours.

Age Limit

To drive an ATV you need a drivers licence. Children from 7 years.